August 12, 2016

Caring for your kaftan



You took the leap, clicked 'buy' and now your silk kaftan is on its way to you...YIPEE!

Then you remember that silk is something pretty special and nothing like your wash and wear pieces in your wardrobe. Thoughts of mounting dry cleaning bills swirl in your head as you realise that you have no idea how to care for your special new silk kaftan. 

Oh I know the recommendation on the label says 'Dry Clean' but this labelling is a guide, and we all know there will be times when you will need to actually wash your garment and there won't be a dry cleaner within cooee...hello tropical island 😀

Silk is much tougher than we give it credit for, but you've invested some dollars AND you want to wear your garment again and again, so some care taken when washing and wearing it will pay off big time.

Here's 12 tips to keeping your silk garment in tip top shape...

  1. Never spray your garment with perfume or deodorant.
  2. Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent for no more than a few minutes
  3. The less agitation the better.
  4. Rinse well.
  5. Never put your garment in the clothes dryer...ever!
  6. Don't wring, instead roll in a towel to remove excess water. 
  7. Heat will deteriorate your garment so dry in the shade.
  8. Don't spray with water when ironing, a slightly damp garment is better. 
  9. A cool iron on the reverse (watch the crystals).
  10. Even better a steamer will release creases, my preferred method. I don't iron...EVER!
  11. When travelling, roll up your garment and pop into a lingerie bag to protect it from snagging.
  12. You don't need to wash after every wear, an ‘air out’ or light steam will do.


Kaftan Care instructions


Kaftan Care Instructions

Kaftan Care instructions


Caftan care instructions

Silk kaftan care instructions


Your kaftan is a beautiful garment and caring for it will keep it that way. You've got the tips, now you can look forward to looking fabulous in your stunning silk pieces.



Love Always Jenni


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