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I always get asked how I pull off tricky colour combinations, or should I say mixed bright, colourful pieces.

My response is always, be playful with it and dont be afraid to experiment with new colour combos & clashing print styles. 

So today I will try and get rid of the myth about combining bright colours. You will never say ' I can't pull that colour off' because you can and you should. Add some colour to your life baby girl!

Seriously what's the worst that could happen?

Get out of your comfort zone and discover for yourself what bright colour can do for your every day style & for your mood too!

I once read that there is a Psychological effect in wearing colours which affect your mood in a positive or negative way. Bright colours enhance your happy emotions for the day! 

For those who may not be too adventurous with colour combo's, you can still pull it off, and the secret is to keep it simple, light and playful.

I found out that the best way to test the waters is with a silk kaftan dress, a sleeveless drape, or even the summer playsuit.

These go-to summer pieces are already in vibrant, fun colours, especially those from and trust me… Once you go colour, there is no other!


I know what you are thinking right now about Kaftans?

It’s no longer strange that pure 100% silk Kaftans are not just  for luxury resortwear styling only worn at the beach or on holidays anymore. Luxury silk kaftans can be rocked for any occasion and have been around as a modern fashion trend for years now.

If you are saying how and when did this whole kaftan trend happen? I was the same too... always late on trends, buts it’s never too late to get on board with this modern, fashionable style.

So are you ready to know my big secret?

Ok, sit tight and take notes on this lecture... What I find is the easiest way to wear any colour is to obviously, keep it simple……

Do you really think there was some magically steps to take?

Just keep it simple, and you will ooze sophistication and class with a colourful one-peice kaftan from TheSwankStore.

Now… Let me define simple. Simple means let the colourful piece you are wearing communicate the loud noise and the supplement the bright colourful piece by incorporating plain or neutral colours into the mix.

For example, I am wearing the new season Moroccan Romance Overlay Cape Dress

so I pair it with my tan coloured heels to balance it out. The result is simple and classy and the luxurious silk just flattering on your skin with all the lovely colours.


If you feel like it, and depending on the occasion, you can add accessories like a flat sandal, and a floppy hat, remember to keep the dress casual and effortless, and ready for anything.

You can also add a handbag & earrings as the dresses to compliment the dresses from SwankStore's beautiful embellishments, so you won't need any necklace at all except if you want to really go the extra mile.



I hope you are now ready to try colours, and as I mentioned earlier, Kaftans and the wide range of silk pieces is the way to start, and by so doing you will find what works for you and also try different colours at once.


Always remember that sometimes the best look involves almost nothing at all except you and your confidence in wearing anything you choose to, and that means bright and vibrant colours.

Love Always, Sonia 



Sonia is a noted fashion stylist & blogger. She is a regular contributor the TheSwankStores Style File blog. Follow her amazing daily journey through style, effortless fashion & all things on trend on instagram or read her amazing up-to-date blog by clicking on this link here -> 






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