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The SwankStore & McGrath Foundation Working Together to Help Families With Breast Cancer

The SwankStore & McGrath Foundation Working Together to Help Families With Breast Cancer


One of the most enjoyable moments of each day working with the team at TheSwankStore is when we can talk to our customers & learn more about you.  We love getting to know all our customers on a more personal level &  getting to know all about your families, your upcoming holidays, the wedding plans of your children,  new family members arriving soon & your daily lives. There are so many of our customers we now have regular relationships with and we love it!  

We always say that at TheSwankStore we jump at the chance to talk with our customers, be it thru an online chat or over the phone (yes you can call us anytime on 1300 076 839) because in this fast & more often faceless  online world we are living in, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to know more about you and what we can do as a business to make YOUR world a better place. 

It was during one such call in March 2017, when we were so touched by a conversation we had with a customer that we decided that we wanted to make a difference. 

This one lovely lady had called our studio in search of a new dress that would be suitable for her sons upcoming wedding in Bali, Indonesia. It was  to be a beach wedding with her sons childhood sweetheart.  It was to be a most joyous occasion that as the mother of the groom, she was looking forward to. But on this occasion, our customer had a few requests. 

You see, only a year earlier she had been diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer.  She had been going through months of chemotherapy which had caused her to loose much of her hair & to make things worse, six months earlier she had been required to have a double mastectomy to remove the cancers that had spread aggressively through her breasts.  

What was meant to be one of the most special times in her life had left her with a bittersweet taste in her mouth.

Having endured her double mastectomy & now on her road to recovery, she was searching endlessly for a dress that would be most suitable for her sons beach wedding. But through all her shopping trips & after trying on so many different outfits she found that there weren't many fashionable items that were both suitable for her sons tropical beach wedding occasion & that would be flattering for her since the surgery for her double mastectomy.

Alas, we were able to help her with some styling advice & different items in our wide collections that would be bright & colourful enough for her to show her new passion for life but also feminine enough for her style. TheSwankStore styling team were so proud to play a small part in helping her smile again with some styling advice & a brand new outfit for her sons wedding. 

But this set off a thought process for us… That TheSwankStore team can be part of a bigger purpose to help not only to support those women like this customer – BUT to help raise funds to support patients and their families who are experiencing breast cancer throughout Australia.

And that’s where we, as a business with a conscience may be able to play a small role in the bigger picture. 

So as of the 1st of January 2018, TheSwankStore has pledged that for every sale made on TheSwankStore, we will be donating a percentage of each sale made on TheSwankStore to The McGrath Foundation, with the direct aim of helping to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

We know that over time as we continue to grow TheSwankStore business & service our many thousands of customers, that we, The SwankStore & our customers will TOGETHER will be able to donate tens of thousands of dollars to such an important cause. That together we can help make a difference.

If not for the eradication of breast cancer all together, then for the support of our customers who are so brave fighting this disease each day.

For that one customer we became friends with in March 2017 who has battled this painful disease & survived, we shall keep you nameless, but we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for opening our eyes & helping us live for a cause so much bigger than ourselves.  

For all the women who have been touched by this disease, be it yourselves or through a family member, a friend or a colleague, we hope that we can help you on your journey & help make life for all families experiencing breast cancer that little bit easier.

For our customers, please know that by shopping on TheSwankStore you too will be supporting the McGrath Foundation & you too will be helping to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

Love Always, Ashie@TheSwankStore

* Do you want to know more about the McGrath Foundation? Just go to  

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