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For me, and for most women i know, clothing is more than just material...  it’s a reflection of my personality. ?If I’m feeling a little girly for the day, you might see me in a cute little top and skirt, maybe with a red or pink lip, giving me a little hop in my step.

If the beach is calling me, then it’s casual denim cut off shorts with either a silk cami or kaftan to take me from sun dazzled days to hot summer nights spent dancing with my girls.

If I’m off to have sexy night out with my hubby I like a classic look, a simple White T or Silk Cami with a pair of Jeans & a blazer to match. This look makes me feel all grown up!

BUT, no matter where I’m going or what I’m wearing, it’s my shoes that finish off both my outfit & my feeling for the day. 

A cool slide with a pop of colour to brighten things up and make a statement. A cute brogue style flat to give my out fit a pop of colour! Shoes are where it's at for me! 

You won’t often find me in a pair of heals very often. Heels are too hard to walk in & just uncomfortable. I love flats!

BUT there hasnt been a cool modern style of flats for a while - which just leaves me wearing the same old ballet flats or slip ons. BORING & THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE!

So i was so excited to find these cool & quirky style flats from TheSwankStore Online Store Collections.


They are not only beautiful, with a little colour and a little sparkle, but they are stylish and fit with my classic style and girly feels as well as being really comfortable. ?

?If life is about the journey and not the destination then I’m gonna walk mine in style.



Check out the range of awesome flats from TheSwankStore -  In each collection style, you can either finish off your outfit from head to toe or you can wear the shoes as a pop of colour for your every day wardrobe. Really nice. On trend. Hot! 




Asha Clark Wilson is a stylist, TV producer, Actor & A Fashion Contributor for TheSwankStore.

Not only with an amazing sense of style, Asha is one of the nicest, down to earth people we know. And you should see her act too!!! Follow her instagram for daily style inspiration & to stay up-to-date with her daily fashion journey! Click here to view Asha's Instagram page






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  • Valerie ferdinands is such a great ambassador for swank clothes and her cooking is second to none. Love seeing what she will be wearing and cooking next! can’t get enough! keep it up Mumma V!

    - Chris Barker

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