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Being the free spirit I am, I love being, recently I was lucky enough to escape to the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a little fun in the sun. Heading off to a beachfront resort I knew I had to get the right outfits together, so I packed all my colourful pieces  that i bought from TheSwankStore.

To me, resort style dressing is all about bright colours, soft & light fabrics to deal with the humid weather & loads of glamour to get me from the pool, to the beach & then to bar for cocktails. 

This Is My Holiday Fashion Diary:

MORNING WALKS ON THE BEACH // The Santorini Azure Play Suit

Mexico is hot. I mean like humid & a bit sweaty. Now, I love the heat as much as anyone does, but I don’t like it when my clothes stick to my skin.. Especially at 8am! So, for my morning walks, I chose to thrown on the Santorini Azure Playsuit.


It’s light and breezy! Bright blue & White so it looks just perfect when your going for a walk by the ocean. And I just cant get over  the amazing beadwork and crystals on it, adding that little extra sparkle & glam.

Im not really one for compliments BUT I must say, the number of people who stopped me on the beach to comment on this playsuit proved to me how special this piece truly is!


EVENING WEAR // The Bellagio Cross Over Mini Dress 

I really enjoy a night out with a few cocktails and some yummy food.  Make mine a margarita on the rocks followed up with some ultra fresh catch-of-the-day  

fish tacos. YUM. YUM. YUM  But oohhhh what to wear for dinner and drinks? Reaching into my suitcase I felt a little bit adventurous, so the animal print Bellagio Collection piece was the go for the playful mood I was in.



Arriving at the beachfront bar I felt like I had reached celebrity status in the  gorgeous Bellagio Cross Over Mini Dress. 

Trust me when I tell you that this dress will have people turning heads!
I paired it with simple roman sandals for a flawless beach-town  look. I opted to add a little sparkle to my sandals to match the  sparkle on the dress.

Im not usually one to enjoy the compliments, but I tell you what, its really flattering when other women are not staring you up and down, but actually come over & compliment you on your outfit. AND YES I did tell them all about the swankstore too!

MY FAVOURITE ITEM // The Sevillia Collection Gypsy Dress

Finally, my favourite piece I took down to Mexico was this STUNNER - The Sevilla Gypsy Dress.

True to its name, makes you feel wild  and free, just like a gypsy! This dress can act as a perfect, glamorous  beach cover-up, or can take you to a sunset dinner (paired with sandals and a straw bag, of course).  The darker style motif is a little moodier than the brighter colour prints at theSwankStore but, that’s what I love most about the Sevillia Collection. The gypsy Dress Style is flattering & after a few days in the sun, I like the sleeves that cover your arms for a bit of protection from sunburn too.


One of the great things about TheSwankStore is that they have a very wide range of items for Plus size girls too! Try a Gypsy dress or Short Box Kaftan as the perfect piece for your vacation & holiday dress. All items are available in sizes up to size 3 (which is great for plus sizes)


Megan McKenna is lifestyle, fashion & travel blogger based out of Edmonton Canada. Follow her daily journey on Instagram & check out her blog - - for inspiration on fashion, food, culture & so much more 



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